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We Are A Dedicated Team

Our core business is to supply the wind industry with high-quality composite components and design solutions for optimized total cost.

How We Work

Our engineered solutions allow us to be fast, easily adaptable, and flexible – our leading supply chain facilitates production and services anywhere in the world.

Global presence combined with an industry unique mobile manufacturing concept, allows us to follow our customers wherever needed. In close dialog with our customers, our Business Managers agree on the scope of the products and services to be delivered. No matter if the customer wants the full value chain scope or only parts of it, our processes are built on a foundation of Innovation, Cost reduction, Quality, Global presence and Sustainability.

Our flexible business model can be used in full, or in any combination of the processes.

How We Work

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  • Global Presence
  • Cost Reduction
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Quality


  • Consultancy
  • Functional Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Redesign
  • Engineering
  • Documentation
  • Modularization


  • Plugs
  • Moulds
  • Templates
  • Fixtures


  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • 3rd Party approval

Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Ramp up
  • Pilot Production
  • Globalization/Localization
  • Sourcing
  • Mobile Manufacturing

Transport & Delivery

  • Serial Deliveries
  • Logistic Solutions
  • Transport Concepts


In order to deliver the highest level of quality everyday, we perform tests, audits and evaluations of all of our processes and our management system is certified according to the ISO9001 standard.

Internal / External Audits

We perform internal audits to ensure compliance and are being audited on a regular basis by our customers and third parties as well. All audit inputs are used to improve our business, along with a comprehensive KPI system.

Our Test Laboratory

In order to deliver a high level of in-house testing, it is operated by highly skilled specialists. All results are checked and filed for future evaluation. These test results are the basis of a uniform manufacturing output in full compliance with specifications.

Safety Matters

Our high standards for safety are based on globally most demanding regulatories and complies for all our global locations. We work hard to ensure the safety of our employees in all markets. It is necessary to feel safe to create a great, efficient working environment.


We recycle and reuse whenever it is possible to keep the quality standards up and the production costs down. As market leader we are commited to devolping the industry and we want to continue to offer the most competitive Total Cost for our customers.

People, Planet and Profit

We Care

Our corporate spirit embraces a ‘We Care’ attitude and our Corporate Social Responsibility commits us to making a difference in our industry and in the world.
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About Us

Our devotion to wind has kept us at the forefront of our field and enables us to provide the most refined and innovative solutions for our customers across the globe.

We Are Global

Years of experience have made us the global market leader. Today we operate all over the world with specialists in USA, China, Denmark and Poland.

Our Innovation

To ensure that we continue to offer the most competitive Total Cost for our customers, we work to drive down Cost of Energy (CoE).

Certified Quality

We perform tests, audits and evaluations of all of our processes in order to deliver the highest level of quality everyday.

The Sustainability in Us

As market leader we are driven to developing the industry that enables our customers to increase the global share of sustainable energy.