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Our Legacy

Today Jupiter Group is the world’s leading designer and supplier of Nacelle and Spinner covers for the Wind Turbine Industry. This position has been achieved through decades of dedication.

We are devoted to wind

Jupiter Group was founded in 1982 by mr. Gabelgaard and mr. Steffensen and throughout our history composite solutions have been our anchor point operating in different industries.

Today we are 100% devoted to the wind turbine industry and through many years’ of experience with the demanding quality and documentation requirements of the wind turbine industry and through significant product development capabilities, Jupiter Group has developed a comparative advantage.

Innovation has kept us in the forefront of our field

When entering the wind turbine industry, Jupiter Group lead the way for the composite industry in the use of virtual simulations of 3D composite constructions, hence enabling customers to test the strength and durability of composite material components.

To ensure our long-term competiveness the Jupiter Group Innovation Center was started in 2015, with the sole purpose of developing new solutions for the industry. The Innovation Center has dedicated global resources and is located next to our manufacturing site in USA.

44,000 m2 manufacturing floors

To satisfy the increasing demand for our products and services, we have gradually expanded our global activities. Jupiter Group started out with a production site in Denmark. Production in China was set up in 2005, immediately followed by USA in 2006 and in 2014 we celebrated the Grand Opening of a brand new manufacturing site in Szczecin, Poland.

At the same time we changed the strategic role of our Danish manufacturing to focus mainly on prototyping and pilot production along with more specialized production tasks. Today we have 44,000 m2 manufacturing floor space in USA, China, Poland & Denmark and a dedicated engineering team at all locations.

Our vision is to keep focusing

In 2009 Jupiter Group’s current ownership was established, among these the founders of Jupiter Group. Along with the new ownership a focus and growth strategy was developed.

Our vision is to strengthen our position as the global leader within Nacelle and Spinner covers.

Design & Supply of Nacelle and Spinner Covers

Devoted to Wind

44,000 m2 manufacturing floor space in USA, China, Poland & Denmark.
Dedicated engineering teams at all locations.
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Working with Wind

Our focus is developing and supplying high-quality Nacelle and Spinner covers.
This has made us global market leader within our field.

Nacelle & Spinner Covers

With more than 20,000 Nacelle covers in the field, we have a long track record of consistently supplying the largest OEMs of the wind industry.

Engineering & Innovation

With advanced technical knowledge and product development, we support our customers’ competitiveness across the entire value chain.

How We Work

We are a dedicated team devoted to wind. As market leader we provide the smoothest and fastest flow from concept to execution.